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Mini Split Adds HVAC Control & Comfort In Sonora, CA Wedding Venue

We’ve installed mini splits in countless Sonora, CA homes, but this job was a little different: The house was undergoing renovations so the owner can use it as a wedding venue.  The owner called us to determine how he can get the most comfortable heating and cooling for his clients while keeping within his budget.


Mini Split Air Conditioner Replaces Failing, Inefficient Old Unit: Sonora, CA

Mini Split Air Conditioner Replaces Failing, Inefficient Old Unit: Sonora, CA

This Sonora, CA was in desperate need of an HVAC overhaul before the next summer rolled around. Their old central air system was old and inefficient. Each year, it used more electricity and did a worse job. The last straw was a coolant leak. This unit used R22 refrigerant, which is no longer manufactured. As


Ductless Mini Split Replaces Faulty Ductwork In Sonora, CA Home

Ductless Mini Split Replaces Faulty Ductwork In Sonora, CA Home

Problem: The ductwork in this Sonora, CA home was old and couldn’t heat or cool the house properly. The second floor would get way too hot in the summer.
Solution: Removed old ductwork during a remodel. Installed a five-zone ductless mini split. It takes up less room. And it heats and cools each part of the house individually for better comfort.

Multi-Zone Ductless Mini Split Installation In Groveland, CA

Ductless Heating And Cooling Improves Airbnb In Groveland, CA

Problem: The baseboard heating in this Groveland, CA cabin did not heat the second floor very well due to its high ceilings. The owner used it as an Airbnb and got complaints about it.
Solution: Installed a three-zone hyper heat Mitsubishi mini split heat pump system. It treats each part of the cabin separately while saving money for the owner and eliminating complaints.

Ductless Mini Split Split Sonora CA

Multi-Zone Mini Split Installation In Historic Sonora, CA Home

Problem: No central Heat and Air and no place to install one. A concern for breaking the asbestos siding and whether we could do the job without too much construction. Also, we had to find a place to put the outside unit as there was no ground space available.

Solution: We installed a 19 SEER 5 zone Mitsubishi ductless mini-split covering three zones downstairs and two upstairs. We hung the unit on factory brackets to provide a place for the unit outside. Pulled a permit for the job.

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Foundation House in Sonora

Problem: the swamp cooler doesn’t keep up when temps hit 95 degrees. The swamp cooler brings in smoke from forest fires, pollens, dust, smog. Difficult to get ductwork through crawl space. Several occupants of the home would like individual zone control per room.

Solution: We installed a 5 zone Mitsubishi ductless mini split giving them zone control for each room as well as the living room. With whisper-quiet technology, they don’t have to worry about noise. This cleaned up the air quality in the home and offered a solution to get around the basement as there is no ductwork.