Sonora Heater Repair Services

Sonora residents know that when your heater is broken, it’s crucial to have an experienced heating contractor to fix it quickly to restore comfort. Performance Based Heating & Air has over twenty years serving Tuolumne and Calaveras county residents.

Whether it’s a furnace tune-up or a new furnace installation, you can trust the professionals at Performance Based Heating & Air. We repair all makes and models and exclusively install Trane HVAC systems because of their performance and longevity.

We also provide professional AC repair services!

Warning Signs of a Failing Heater

The last thing you need during winter is to wake up or come home to an icebox when you were expecting a warm oasis. A heater failure during winter often means waiting longer than usual for repairs, because most HVAC contractors are booked weeks out. The key to avoiding a catastrophe like this is to pay attention to the warning signs that your heater is failing and to call for repairs or replacement before it breaks down completely.

Watch out for:

  • Cold Air - Lukewarm or cold air coming out of the heater is a sure sign that something is wrong. If you’ve adjusted the thermostat, but still can’t get comfortable, call for help right away.
  • Unusual Noise - Most heaters and furnaces make ambient noise when operating; however, if your system starts making noises you’ve not heard before, such as squealing, popping, or grinding, don’t ignore it. Call a heating contractor ASAP.
  • Spike in Energy Bill - If you’re using your heater as usual, but your heating bill is suddenly spiking, it could be that the system is losing efficiency. As it works harder to maintain the temperature, the more quickly, it will break down.
  • Age - Like every machine, your furnace or heater won’t last forever. The average lifespan of an HVAC system is 12-15 years. Once your system reaches its upper age range, start planning on a replacement.

Things to Check Before Calling a Heating Contractor

As winter approaches, and temperatures drop, you may have already kicked on your heater or furnace to take off the chill. While the system may start up fine, you may find that it’s not up to the task once you run it full bore, and you’ll want to call for heating repair. Before you do, however, check these things before calling a furnace repair company.

  • Check the Thermostat – You’d be surprised at how many times someone has called for furnace repair only to find out the thermostat wasn’t set to the correct mode. Check that it’s set to heating mode and adjust the temperature.
  • Check the Power – Every heater and furnace requires electricity, so if you experience a malfunction, check that the system is getting power and that you haven’t tripped a breaker.
  • Check the Filter – One of the most common causes of heater malfunction is dirty air filters. So, before you call for a repair, check that the air filter is clean and replace it if necessary.
  • Check the Pilot Light – If you have a gas-powered furnace, check to see if the pilot light is on and that it’s burning blue instead of yellow.
  • Check the Air Intake Vent – If the air intake vent is blocked, the system can’t bring in fresh air, which can cause it to malfunction.

If you’ve tried everything else and still have no luck getting your heater to give you the comfort you want, call the experts at Performance Based Heating & Air.

When you need heat pump services be sure to call us first.

Why We Trust Trane

When it’s time to install a new furnace or heater, you have many options and brands from which to choose. However, we believe Trane HVAC systems are the best value for your hard-earned dollars, and here’s why.

There are few companies that perform as rigorous testing on the HVAC systems as Trane. Trane designs, tests, and builds their own parts that go above and beyond industry standards, which means you get a more reliable system. And to ensure that reliability, Trane puts each system through weeks of testing in the most extreme climate conditions – even encasing their heaters in ice. The extreme testing Trane conducts on their systems ensure you get a heater that doesn’t sacrifice performance or comfort for longevity.

Trane has been in the heating and cooling industry for over 120 years, and their commitment to quality has earned them the moniker, America’s Most Trusted HVAC System for five years in a row.

Whether you need heater repair or a new heating installation, call us at 209-588-7340 and let us demonstrate how reliable and efficient Trane heaters are.