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Ductless Heating And Cooling Improves Airbnb In Groveland, CA

Ductless Heating And Cooling Improves AirBnB In Groveland, CAAn Airbnb in beautiful Groveland, CA should be an easy moneymaker. Who wouldn’t want to vacation or take a few days away in a beautiful old cabin in the woods? 

Well, maybe not when the second floor is chilly in the winter and unbearably hot in the summer. An Airbnb host learned this the hard way when complaints and lousy ratings started coming in. 

Fortunately, he called Performance Based Heating and Air to find a way to fix things. And, he found the perfect way to make his cabin more comfortable and appealing than ever before. 

In this case study, we’ll cover:

  • Heating And Cooling Problems In A Pine Mountain Lake Cabin
  • How Ductless Heating And Cooling Creates Better Comfort
  • Getting Five-Star Airbnb Reviews While Saving Money
  • Installing A Ductless Heating And Cooling System In A Cabin

And, if the heating and cooling in your Tuolumne County Airbnb is holding you back from better reviews and more bookings, call Performance Based Heating and Air.

Problem: The baseboard heating in this Groveland, CA cabin did not heat the second floor very well due to its high ceilings. The owner used it as an Airbnb and got complaints about it.
Solution: Installed a three-zone hyper heat Mitsubishi mini split heat pump system. It treats each part of the cabin separately while saving money for the owner and eliminating complaints.

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Heating And Cooling Problems In A Pine Mountain Lake Cabin

Like many cabins near Pine Mountain Lake and other nearby areas in Groveland, this one relied on baseboard heat to stay warm in the winter. And, like many cabins, it didn’t work all that well. 

Electric radiant heat is okay for smaller rooms. But you don’t get enough warmth to fill an open-plan floor. 

The next problem was the high ceilings. Whatever heat the baseboards did produce, it went straight up and over people’s heads. And, this being the second floor was an even bigger problem. 

Sure, the exposed beams look great. But, that means there’s no insulation to hold in the heat. All that warm air moving toward the ceiling found any crack or hole to get outside.

In this case, that all added up to lousy reviews and visitor complaints. The host got comments about it being chilly and uncomfortable. 

And, adding insult to injury, he was paying a premium to keep those baseboards heaters working! 

Then, he called Performance Based Heating and Air to find out how to fix things. 

Getting Five-Star Airbnb Reviews While Saving Money

The secret to turning this side hustle around was ductless heating and cooling. With a mini split heat pump and state-of-the-art indoor units, that second floor is just the right temperature all the time. And the host ends up saving money. 

It was a win for everyone involved. Guests were happier, and they made their feelings known. The cabin got more five-star ratings and positive reviews.

Meanwhile, the host was making a better profit off each rental. Once he invested in the new system, his cooling and heating expenses dropped dramatically. 

How Ductless Heating And Cooling Creates Better Comfort

Ductless heating and cooling offers the best of both worlds in this cabin: Better comfort and lower bills. And it does it with the right combination of indoor and outdoor components. 

Mini Split Heat Pump

The mini split heat pump plays an essential role in how well the system works overall. First, it generates heat using almost no electricity at all! The same goes for cooling. 

And it can run at more than one speed. That’s different from conventional HVAC, which only turns all the way on or all the way off. 

This outdoor unit uses a heat transfer process to move warm air out of the cabin in the summer. When it’s cold out, there’s still enough heat outside for it to work to reverse. 

The mini split heat pump draws what little warmth there is outside and amplifies it to work inside in the winter. 

At the same time, the unit can also slow down to provide just a little bit of heating and cooling. Once the cabin’s at the right temperature, the heat pump goes to low-speed, using even less electricity. And it maintains the temperature all the time. 

Air Handlers

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Inside, the air handlers draw in the air, heat or cool it, and then send it back out. Each one is powerful enough to handle an entire floor of a cabin. The high ceilings and open space were now easy to keep at a consistent temperature. 

Every indoor unit has a built-in thermostat, so it works based on the temperature in the area it’s treating. They have sensors and fans to detect hot and cold pockets and send the treated air right to those spots. 

They’re also whisper-quiet! Even at full blast, guests wouldn’t hear a thing unless everything was perfectly silent. 

Installing A Ductless Heating And Cooling System In A Cabin

For as many benefits as a ductless heating and cooling system offers, installing them is quick and easy. For a three-zone system like this, we had it up and running in one day!

This setup was a little different than what we usually do. Often, we only need one heat pump to support all the air handlers. In this case, we took the customization opportunities much further. 

The host wanted to make sure each room felt perfect. Since the second floor got way hotter than downstairs, we installed a heat pump just for that zone. 

By addressing the problem area, it’s strong enough to keep the entire cabin cool. For warmth, we needed a separate Hyper Heat model. 

These heat pumps work even in subzero temperatures. While it never gets that cold here in Northern California, being ready for anything means peace of mind no matter what the weather. 

It’s the kind of customization — and fantastic comfort — you could never get with ductwork, baseboards, or any other conventional HVAC solutions. 

And, if you’re ready to make your home in Sonora, Groveland, Angels Camp, or other nearby towns more comfortable and efficient than ever before, call or email us here at Performance Based Heating and Air for your free consultation. 

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