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When looking for a reliable air conditioning contractor in Sonora, call the pros at Performance Based Heating & Air. We also serve residents in Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties.

Whether you need air conditioner repair or a new system installation, you can trust the Sonora AC company your friends and neighbors trust – Performance Based Heating & Air. We’ve served the residents of Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties and beyond for over two decades. We proudly install Trane air conditioners but service all makes and models. Contact us today for an appointment.

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If you’re not getting the cool air you desire, call us and ask about our air conditioning repair.

Ways to Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient

Nobody likes to call an air conditioner contractor because their system isn’t giving them cold air anymore or because their energy bill is sky-high, which is why it’s crucial to maintain your system to keep it running efficiently and to guard against major repairs.

Below are a few tips to making sure your AC unit remains in tip-top shape.

  • Clean & Unblock the Vents – One of the easiest ways to boost your AC’s efficiency is to keep the vents clear and clean. Check for dust, debris, and pet hair and vacuum them if they’re dirty. Also, go around your house and make sure the vents aren’t obstructed by furniture, toys, shoes, rugs, or anything else that might impede airflow.
  • Keep Heat Away from the Thermostat – The thermostat is the brain of your AC system and dictates how efficiently it runs. If you position things like lamps or other heat-producing appliances near your thermostat, it won’t be able to gauge the room’s temperature correctly.
  • Keep Windows Covered – It’s wise to keep the windows covered during the afternoon heat because you reduce the amount of heat getting into the house and causing the air conditioner to work harder than it has to. An air conditioner that’s overworked loses efficiency more quickly than when it’s operating correctly.
  • Add Insulation – If you have exposed ductwork, you should know that it’s prone to air leaks, making your air conditioner run less efficiently. It’s best to hire a professional HVAC technician to inspect your ducts for leakage signs and then add insulation to keep them sealed.
  • Keep Condenser Clean – The outside condenser unit is prone to gathering dirt and debris, which decreases your system’s efficiency. Take some time during summer to check your outdoor condenser for tree limbs, leaves, dirt, and other debris that are impeding its performance.
  • Call for Annual Maintenance – The last thing to do to ensure your air conditioner is always running at top performance is to call an AC service company in the spring to perform routine maintenance and a check-up on your system. Annual checkups allow you to find and fix minor problems now before they blossom into expensive repairs down the road.

When to Call an AC Service Company for Help

While nobody likes the thought of having to call a professional for AC repair because of the cost, the truth is that calling a repair tech can actually save you money. Today’s technicians have advanced tools at their disposal to pinpoint issues that may cost you significant amounts of money in repairs as they get worse. The key is not to wait until the system begins to fail but to call as soon as you notice something out of the ordinary.

Here are the most common AC repair issues you’re likely to encounter.

  • Air Not Cold Enough – If the air isn’t as cold as you prefer or your system can’t keep up with your cooling demands, call your local AC service company for help. Faulty thermostats are often the cause of this issue, but it could also be a failing compressor or refrigerant leak.
  • Leaking Fluid – If you see that your AC is leaking water, call a repair company right away. If you ignore water leaks, your home could suffer water damage.
  • Strange Noises – Another common sign that your AC needs repair is when it makes sounds you’ve not heard before, such as squealing, hissing, or gurgling. Squealing often means that you have a belt that needs replacing; hissing usually means there’s leaking refrigerant; gurgling means the refrigerant is low.

The sooner you call for repairs, the more money you’ll save if you wait until things get worse. You can count on us for expert heater repair.

What to Look for in an Air Conditioning Contractor

When looking for a reliable Sonora AC company, many factors should influence your decision. Here are a few things to consider.

  • Licensing & Experience – Your HVAC system represents a significant investment, so you want to ensure the company servicing it has the proper training, licensing, and experience to ensure the job is done right. Also, make sure the company you hire is insured in case anything goes wrong. Lastly, look for a company that’s been around a few years. While longevity doesn’t guarantee the company will do a good job, a stable business that’s operated in the community for years suggests they’re doing something right.
  • On-site Evaluations – Beware of a contractor who gives you estimates sight unseen. The best contractors will come to your home to evaluate your needs and your home’s size to determine which system is right for you. Also, contractors should inspect your ductwork and your current system for problems that require repairs.
  • References – A good contractor will happily give you references and referrals to call to find out what kind of work they perform. Also, be sure to check out the company’s online reviews and ask friends and neighbors which contractor they’ve used in the past.

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