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Has Your Heating & Cooling System Kept Up with the Times?

Over the past couple of decades, advancements in technology have radically changed, well, most everything. We no longer communicate the same, work the same, socialize the same, study the same, or even drive the same.

So, why are we trying to heat and cool our homes the same?

What are the Limitations of Most HVAC Systems?

Most traditional heating and cooling units installed in homes across America are designed to heat homes only when temperatures remain at or above freezing. Many also have limitations when it comes to cooling homes in temperatures that regularly soar above 100 degrees F, especially in very dry climates.

Traditional HVAC units are also considered “disposable” items. In other words, they aren’t made to last. They’re designed and manufactured to give the homeowner a couple of decades of service — at most — undergoing a critical failure somewhere around the 15 to 20 year mark, at which time repairs are more costly than replacing the unit. Replacement HVAC units typically cost between $6,000 and $12,000 (or more), a hefty investment for something with such a limited lifespan.

Both of these issues are significant for those living in Northern California, where temperatures regularly dip into the teens and consistently soar well above 100 degrees. Property values and labor costs are also high, meaning more expense when it comes to repairing and replacing those aging heating and air conditioning units.

What Heating and Cooling Solutions are Available for the Modern Homeowner?

You don’t carry your flip phone from 2009. You don’t use Windows Vista anymore, and you’ve likely swapped that massive desktop tower for a sleeker, more portable laptop or notebook. So, why are you stuck with that outdated HVAC system?

Performance Based Heating & Air (PBHA) recognizes that technologies have changed, and they’re offering homeowners the chance to get away from outdated HVAC systems and into the next wave of heating and cooling technology.

Why Mitsubishi?

There are only a scant few heating and air conditioning systems on the market that offer the latest advancements in HVAC. Only one provides top-notch back-end support by self-manufacturing their own parts and unmatched quality control measures and customer service. That’s why PBHA chooses to specialize in Mitsubishi Electric ductless solutions. Mitsubishi tracks every part they make and sell on their heating and cooling units. This allows them to quickly and positively identify any design or manufacturing issues, so that parts, and hence their HVAC units, are continually improving. This attention to quality keeps Mitsubishi ductless systems at a staggeringly low 8% failure rate.

Why Ductless Heating & Air?

But quality isn’t the only thing PBHA loves about Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling solutions. Perhaps an even better selling point is the ability to heat and cool via zones, instead of a one-size-may-or-may-not-fit-all heating and cooling system.

Have you ever been miserably cold in one room, while your family members complain that they’re roasting in another area of the house? Is your home constructed in a way that makes ductwork difficult or impossible? Perhaps you’ve added rooms to your home and your current unit isn’t up to the added stress.

Did you know that most homes are equipped with HVAC systems that are too large? This means the unit kicks on and off too frequently, never quite getting the building comfortable, while driving up energy bills significantly.

Ductless, zoned heating and cooling means several things:

  • All your rooms are perfectly comfortable, all the time.
  • You can adjust for areas of the home or building that aren’t used frequently, keeping energy costs down.
  • Family members can enjoy different temperature settings when there are both cold-natured and hot-natured inhabitants.
  • If your home construction inhibits or prevents ductwork, you can still have an amazingly cozy home.
  • You don’t have to have separate heating and cooling units. Mitsubishi Electric ductless solutions both heat and cool in one unit.
  • These units are quiet! If the constant chugging and churning of your heating and air system drives you mad, a ductless unit by Mitsubishi operates quietly, efficiently, and effectively, never bothering your TV watching and phone conversations or interrupting your peace of mind.
  • Ductless systems are ideal for those with chronic allergy conditions.
  • Heating and cooling room additions is literally a breeze!

Performance Based Heating and Air is a family-owned-and-operated company in Angels Camp. Don’t pay too much. Don’t trust a shady, fly-by-night HVAC tech who only wants your hard-earned money. Don’t believe that all units are created equally, or that a good unit will serve you well if installed by a hack!

Call PBHA in Angels Camp today to see how ductless is the way of the future for you, your home, and your family! 209-591-5168

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