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Fall Into Early HVAC Maintenance for a Cozy Autumn

It’s Never Too Early To Prepare the Heater for Colder Weather!

It’s hard to think of the heater when sunny days are still upon us. But the reality is, winter will be here soon and with it chilly weather. So it’s never too early to have the heater inspected and prepared for the colder nights of fall and winter. Explore three reasons to have annual heater maintenance performed and explore the process of heater maintenance.

3 Important Reasons for Heater Maintenance

Plenty of homeowners forget the heater exists until it switches on for the first time in months. Often, the heater goes without maintenance for years until something breaks, and plenty of folks think that is perfectly normal and that such practices save a homeowner money. But, there are three excellent benefits to getting regular heater maintenance:

  • Improves Air Quality: It’s not uncommon for the heater to kick on for the first time in the Fall, and suddenly, the house becomes musty. Usually, the culprit is an unmaintained heater that needs some cleaning and TLC. A regularly maintained and cleaned heater improves the indoor air quality, reducing allergens and irritants that cause sinus problems, headaches, and coughs.
  • Improves Performance: A heater with clogged ductwork, dirty filters, and broken parts can’t perform efficiently. When well-maintained, heaters function faster and handle the higher demands of cold weather with ease, making the unit less likely to break down from overuse.
  • Saves Money: A well-maintained heater saves homeowners money. Energy bills go down, the risk of a broken heater reduces, and the headache of surprise repair or replacement bills shrinks! Annual heater maintenance is an investment not just in the heater but in the family’s comfort and in a better budget.

Is There Such a Thing as “Too Early” for Maintenance?


The early bird gets the HVAC care they need when they need it. When cold weather finally arrives, everyone will suddenly remember they have a heater that needs attention. With that in mind, it’s never too early to schedule heater maintenance.

Getting a jump on maintenance prevents getting stuck on a long waitlist for care when they need it most. So, long story short, there’s no such thing as “too early” for heater maintenance.

heater maintenaceWhat To Expect During Annual HVAC Maintenance

Once the HVAC technician arrives for the heater’s annual check-up, homeowners can expect them to start by giving the unit a complete inspection. The thermostat, electrical connections, filter, and drain pan will receive a once-over to check for any repair or replacement needs. Then, they can expect their heater to receive a cleaning, clogged filter replacement, and the moving parts lubricated. Most replacements for damaged parts can happen same-day, too.

While heater maintenance only takes about an hour, the result keeps the home comfortable all winter long. So don’t wait; it’s never too early to get a heater the annual care it needs to perform well during colder weather!

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