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Ductless Heat Pump Adds Extra Heat In For A Home In Sonora, CA

Ductless Heat Pump Adds Extra Heat In For A Home In Sonora, CAWe got a call from a homeowner who already knew a lot about how a ductless heat pump system can make a home much more comfortable: She'd already had one installed in her mother's house.

Now, she called Performance Based Heating and Air for her own home. It had a fireplace insert that didn't keep the place warm enough. She wanted a system for extra heat — and other benefits.

This case study covers:

  • Supplemental Heat With A Ductless Heat Pump
  • How A Mini Split Air Conditioner Works
  • More Benefits Of Ductless Heating And Cooling
  • Mini Split Installation In A Sonora, CA Home

You can always call or email us at Performance Based Heating and Cooling if your Sonora, CA home is too warm or too chilly. Starting with a free consultation, we'll help you find the best way to make your home more comfortable than ever before.

Problem: A Sonora, CA homeowner's bedroom was always chilly in the winter, even with a fireplace insert. In particular, the one-bedroom was through the rest of the house was warm.
Solution: Installed a three-zone ductless heat pump system to add extra heat to the house. It uses a ceiling cassette in the main living area with another in the bedroom.

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Supplemental Heat With A Ductless Heat Pump

Unlike many other jobs we've done recently, this Sonora, CA home didn't need a completely new HVAC system. Instead, the homeowner called us for a ductless heat pump system to provide supplemental heat.

That's extra warmth on top of what she already has. These systems are versatile enough to keep an entire house comfortable all winter or "top off" the existing heating or cooling.

This cozy home had a fireplace insert that almost — but not quite — did the job all winter. The homeowner loved being a little more energy-independent. But, it wasn't always enough to keep her warm.

She weighed other options: Space heaters are cheapest to buy but expensive to run. And, they are too dangerous to leave on overnight.

Baseboard heaters are popular, especially in cabins and other rustic homes. But they also used a lot of energy and were more expensive upfront.

But a ductless mini split would do a better job than both of those. And, while her upfront investment would be more, she'd make that money back by saving much more on her monthly bills.

How A Mini Split Air Conditioner Works

So, how does this all work? And why are we suddenly calling this a mini split air conditioner?

The heat pump is only one part of the ductless system. The other half is the air handlers inside. At first glance, they look like these small units aren't connected. Hence the term "mini split."

Now, for a long time, heat pumps were considered only air conditioners. That's because they provide a heat transfer process similar to conventional ACs. They move warmth from inside the house to outside.

But, they can also work in reverse to provide heat. And, now that technology is improved, today's ductless heat pumps are strong enough to keep your home warm even in the coldest Northern California climates.

And, that's what this homeowner was most interested in: Heating. Her new mini split draws in what little heat exists outside and amplifies it, so there's enough to warm the entire house.

Since it's supplementing the existing system, she didn't even have to spring for the most powerful one available. An average model is enough to top off her fireplace.

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More Benefits Of Ductless Heating And Cooling

As if ductless heating and cooling didn't already fit the bill, the homeowner also enjoys these additional benefits:

  • Quiet Operation
  • Energy Savings
  • Additional Cooling

Quiet Operation

Inside and out, heating or cooling, the ductless mini split makes almost no noise. Since it's not pushing forced air, there's no sound from the pressure. Instead, at most, it makes as much sound as leaves rustling of people whispering.

Energy Savings

Ductless heat pump systems use a fraction of the energy that any other HVAC system requires. The outdoor unit runs at variable speeds to maintain a comfortable, steady temperature instead of wasting energy by turning on and off when the temperature drifts.

Additional Cooling

As we mentioned, the ductless heat pump also offers air conditioning! Now the homeowner can get rid of those loud, old, and inefficient window ACs too. She'll get better cooling that uses less electricity.

Mini Split Installation In A Sonora, CA Home

This three-zone mini split installation was slightly different from the usual designs we use in Sonora, CA homes. But, the changes weren't much, and we still wrapped up the entire job in a day.

Usually, we install wall-mounted air handlers. Each one is strong enough to circulate the air throughout a room or large open space.

Ductless Ceiling Cassette In Sonora, CA

In this case, however, we only used one wall-mount in a small bedroom. Then we installed a recessed ceiling cassette. It sits flat against the ceiling and covers the living room, kitchen, and dining room.

A second cassette went in the master bedroom so it can treat that room plus the attached bathroom. Then, we ran the lines outside to the heat pump.

We ran all the lines up into the attic. That way, you don't see the lineset at all from the inside. Outside, three neat linesets run straight down the house to the heat pump.

Ductless Heat Pump With Linesets Sonora, CA

If your Northern California home needs some extra heating or cooling, or if you're ready to overhaul and enhance your home's comfort, we can help! Reach out to Performance Based Heating and Air today for your free consultation.

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