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What is a Ductless Heating & Cooling System?

When researching a ductless heating and cooling system, it could be known by a couple of different names… ductless mini-splits or ductless heat pumps. Designed primarily for homes with electric heat, these systems are quiet, durable, and safe.

There are three main components to a ductless system. The outdoor unit, the indoor wall-mounted unit, and the remote control. They’re easy for a professional to install. And you’ll enjoy comfortable temperatures in your home all year long.

How a Ductless Heating and Cooling System Works

A ductless unit uses variable speed compressors with inverter technology to make sure it constantly meets the heating and cooling requirements of your space. The unit doesn’t turn on and off like conventional units. That constant on and off causes wide temperature variances (hello hot and cold spots) and poor energy efficiency.

Here are the Parts of a Ductless System

A ductless heating and cooling system is made up of these parts:

  • The indoor unit with a quiet fan and an evaporator.
  • The refrigerant line made of insulated copper tubing, a conduit, and a condensation drain.
  • The outdoor unit with a fan to cool the condenser coil, an expansion valve, a variable speed compressor, and the condensing coil.
  • The remote control you use to program the unit to your desired settings. This is also how you make adjustments to always have the most comfortable temperatures.

Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems are Efficient

When you install a ductless heating and cooling system in your home, you’ll use 25% to 50% less energy than traditional units. Here’s shy these units are so efficient.

Control each zone independently.

There’s no overheating or over-cooling a space when you have a ductless heating and cooling system. Turn off rooms that are unoccupied. That means you won’t pay to heat or cool them when they’re not in use.

They always run.

Ductless systems use inverter-driven variable speed compressors that run continuously at higher or lower speeds to maintain constant indoor temperatures. The system ramps up or down as needed, which is much more efficient than the on/off cycle common in traditional units.

Ductless units tout excellent ratings.

Our units have extremely good seasonal energy efficiency ratios, or SEER, between 16 and 22, and heating seasonal performance factors, or HSPF, that range from 9 to 12 or greater.

Should You Replace Your Existing System?

If you have any one of the following types of heat, a ductless heating and cooling system is an ideal replacement.

  • Baseboard Heat
  • Wall & Ceiling Vents
  • Wood Stove
  • Electric Furnace
  • Other Electric Space Heaters

Adding a single-zone system to the main area of your house, and then incorporating electric baseboards in the rest of your bedrooms and bathrooms is one great option.

A ductless unit is also great for…

New Additions

If you added a room onto your house, or if you converted an attic into a living space, you’ll be surprised at the flexibility you have with a ductless heating and cooling system. When compared to extending your current home’s ductwork or pipes to the new living space, a ductless unit is much more affordable.

New Construction

The many benefits of a ductless heating & cooling system are ideal for new construction, although you might need to adapt the design of your new home for maximum efficiency. Installing one to two systems in various zones of your house will make installation simple and will minimize the length of the refrigerant line required.

How do I Maintain This Kind of System?

Keep your indoor filters clean as well as your outdoor coils, and your system doesn’t require much more maintenance than that. There are times when a professional periodic professional servicing of your system is recommended.

How Long Will it Last?

When maintained properly, your ductless heating and cooling system should last more than 20 years.

Our website has a lot of great information about ductless heating and cooling systems, including additional benefits of owning one. Download a Product Guide to learn more or Schedule a Free Consultation today.

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