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Mini Split Air Conditioner Cools Hot Upstairs Rooms In Sonora, CA

Mini Split Air Conditioner Cools Hot Upstairs Rooms In Sonora, CAWe got a typical call for Sonora, CA homes: The rooms on the second floor were unbearably hot in the summer. Even with central air, it was too uncomfortable for a good night’s sleep. 

The homeowner also knew current heating and cooling system was inefficient. It used more and more energy as it got older. That meant higher utility bills

At first, he figured he’d end up paying a whole lot for a system that did a little better but not really solve the problem. 

Then, he found out about mini split air conditioners that offer heat along with cooling. And the more he learned, the more he realized this was a fantastic opportunity to make his home more comfortable than ever before. 

In this case study, we’re looking at: 

  • Why Central Air Can’t Cool The Second Floor
  • A Mini Split Air Conditioner Heats And Cools
  • Energy Savings With A Ductless Heat Pump
  • Three-Zone Ductless Mini Split Installation In Sonora, CA Home

Problem: The upstairs rooms in this Sonora, CA home were oppressively hot. The homeowners wanted to cool them down and treat each one individually.
Solution: Installed a three-zone hyper heat mini split air conditioner. It cools the upstairs rooms better than ever before. And, the Hyper Heat model warms the entire house in the winter.

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With a free consultation, you'll be on your way to cool, comfortable bedrooms all summer and a warmer home in the winter. 

Why Central Air Can’t Cool The Second Floor

Central air has problems cooling the second or third floor in homes because hot air naturally rises. When that heat meets the warmth from the sun beating on the roof, it has nowhere to go and collects on the top floor. 

Meanwhile, the thermostat is downstairs, where it’s cooler. It’s the only gauge for the entire house. So, it shuts off the cooling system when the first floor is cool. But, the top floors don’t get the treatment they need. 

In particular, we see many two- and three-floor homes in Sonora, CA with undersized cooling systems. The air conditioner they have isn’t strong enough to beat the heat. 

Ductwork going through the attic doesn’t work as well as it should. It won’t draw in warm air and circulate cool air well enough to cool the house.

A Mini Split Air Conditioner Heats And Cools

A mini split air conditioner treats each room individually. This way, the homeowner isn’t relying on one thermostat for the entire house. 

Instead, each room has an air handler with a built-in thermostat. When the homeowner sets each indoor unit to the same setting, the house has an even, consistent temperature throughout.

Or, he can set each one differently. That’s attractive to people who prefer the bedrooms cooler than other rooms, for instance. 

Now, this homeowner can finally make those upstairs rooms comfortable even during the hottest days of the year. And, this great system helps out in the winter, too. 

How A Ductless Mini Split Works

A ductless mini split relies on heat transfer to do the job. In the summer, it takes the heat in your house and “dumps” it outside. It also dehumidifies as part of the cooling process.

In the winter, it uses that same process in reverse to keep you warm. Even when it’s cold out, there’s still heat, or thermal energy, out there.

The heat pump gathers that heat and sends it into the house. Depending on the model you get, the system can work even when the temperature is below zero. 

The heat transfer works thanks to a coolant liquid that runs in a loop between the indoor and outdoor units. That’s also how it works without ducts: You’re only moving heat, not pushing air around.

Now, the homeowner also enjoys energy-efficient treatment in the winter. It offers the same excellent comfort and consistent temperatures even during the coldest days. 

Energy Savings With A Ductless Heat Pump

With a ductless heat pump system, the homeowner uses less energy and pays much, much less on his utility bills. 

In the summer, he sees a considerable drop now that he’s not using central air. And, he doesn’t  turn on his furnace as early in the fall. Or keep it on as late in the spring

A ductless heat pump also runs at variable speeds. Once each air handler reaches its call temperature, the system reverts to a low-power mode. 

Then, it uses even less energy than before. And, it provides just enough heating or cooling to maintain a consistent temperature. 

Three-Zone Ductless Mini Split Installation In Sonora, CA Home

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This Sonora, CA home needed a three-zone ductless mini split installation to cover the problem rooms. Most units were on the west side of the house, where the sun beat down the most.

Even with all this work, we got the job done in a single day. We started with one in the living room. Since they rarely use the dining room, which is on the east side of the house, it didn’t need a separate air handler. So, the one indoor unit in the living room covered that area plus the kitchen. 

We also added air handlers in the sewing room, and we put both these indoor units above a window. That way, they reach the entire room from out-of-the-way spots. 

The third air handler went into the master bedroom. We placed it so it wouldn’t blow warm or cool air directly on the bed. And, it was strong enough to reach into the bathroom in the master suite. 

Connecting To The Heat Pump

Finally, we ran lines to connect each air handler to the heat pump outside. The line sets are about the same size and shape of rain gutters. 

We ran them through the walls behind each air handler so the homeowner would only see the wall-mounted units inside. Outside, we followed the contours of a sliding door and nearby windows.

Then, we ran them under the deck, so they reached the heat pump without making any more of an impact on the home’s appearance. 

Now, each room of this Sonora, CA home is amazingly comfortable every day of the year. And, we can do the same for your home in Tuolumne or Calaveras County. Call or email us here at Performance Heating and Air for a free consultation, and we’ll help you decide if a ductless mini split is the right choice for your home. 

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