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When it’s time for a new central heating installation, count on the experienced professionals at Performance Based Heating & Air in Tuolumne.

Tuolumne residents know that when it’s time to replace their heaters or furnaces, it’s best to have them installed by a heating repair company with experience. At Performance Based Heating & Air, we have over two decades in the business. We’ve done installations from Valley Springs, CA to Groveland, CA and Angels Camp, CA to Tuolumne, CA. Find a neighborhood that looks like yours, and chances are we’ve helped some homeowners with their home comfort needs.

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When to Call a Heating Repair Company

Performance Based Heating & Air - Heating Services in Tuolumne
Unfortunately, most heating issues mean you’re not getting the comfort you desire until they’re fixed. However, not all furnace or heater problems require a call to a professional right away. Here’s how to know when to call and when you can wait.

  • Electrical Issues – If you have frequent breaker trips, buzzing, humming, or flickering lights when your heater powers on, it means there’s a potentially dangerous electrical issue to deal with ASAP.
  • Loud Noises – If you hear loud, unusual noises coming from the heater, such as grinding or pounding, it could mean that you have a loose part, which can cause significant damage if it’s not fixed quickly.
  • Gas Odors – If you smell gas in the house, it means you have a gas leak, and it’s a critical situation that you can’t ignore.
  • Cold Air – If your furnace blows cold air or the air won’t get as hot as you want despite the thermostat setting, it could be various issues causing the problem best diagnosed by a professional.

If your heater or furnace isn’t working as it should, don’t wait; call the experts at Performance Based Heating & Air.

How to Keep Your Furnace Running Efficiently

You can save money and extend the lifespan of your heater or furnace by following these simple tips.

  • Replace or Clean the Air Filter – One of the easiest and most effective ways to maintain your furnace is to keep the air filter clean. Dirty air filters impede airflow, which makes your system work harder, and costs you more money.
  • Replace the Thermostat Battery – While some thermostats are hard-wired to the home’s electrical system, some are battery-operated. If yours runs on battery power, plan on replacing the battery every year.
  • Check the Exhaust Flue – If you have a natural gas furnace, it vents gasses out of your home via a flue pipe. Check the exhaust flue for blockages during the off-season to ensure it’s clean and ready for winter’s arrival.
  • Flush the Drain Line – If you have a furnace that uses two heat exchangers, the system will generate several gallons of water a day during the winter. This water drains from the system via drain lines, which can clog over time. Check the drain hose for dirt and flush it if needed.
  • Keep the Air Ducts Clean – The ducts are like the circulatory system for your home that delivers heat. Dirty ducts increase the amount of allergens in the air, and can cause your furnace to work harder than it should.
  • Call a Professional – Once a year, preferably before the heating season begins, call a professional HVAC contractor to inspect your furnace and perform a tune-up.

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Trane Furnace Replacement

When it’s time to replace your furnace, Tuolumne residents have plenty of high-quality name brands to choose from. However, at Performance Based Heating & Air, we believe Trane provides the best product for the money without question.

Trane has a long tradition of developing reliable heating and cooling systems that stretch back more than 120 years.

What we like most about Trane HVAC systems is their reliability. Every Trane furnace undergoes weeks of rigorous testing to ensure it can stand up to the highest demands and the most extreme climates. Tran’s HVAC systems are so reliable, that they’ve been named America’s Most Trusted™ HVAC System for five years straight.

To schedule a free consultation to find out more about Trane HVAC systems, call us at 209-588-7340 in Tuolumne.