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Stay Cool on Those Hot Summer Nights

Keep Money in the Bank While Keeping Cool 

It’s summertime, and that means soaring temperatures outside. While the air conditioner is a welcome respite from the summer heat, it can cause a whole new type of stress: financial stress. Running the air conditioner constantly over the summer can mean serious bills that make homeowners debate which is worse: heat stress or financial stress. 

Luckily, there are ways to lower energy bills while staying cool. Here are some tips to help homeowners stay cool without sweating it out over high energy bills. 

78 Degrees Fahrenheit 

Studies show that 78 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature to maximize savings without sacrificing comfort in the summer. This temperature setting allows air conditioners to cycle a few times per day to remove humidity from the air, making the temperature feel more tolerable while not allowing it to run for extended periods.  

For homeowners with humidity problems or other issues that make 78 degrees intolerable, they should know the formula for energy savings. For every degree above a setting of 72 degrees on the thermostat, homeowners can expect about a 3% savings on energy bills during the summer months. 

Install Programmable Thermostats and Smart Thermostats for Big Savings

thermostatOne of the earliest ways people thought to save money on cooling bills was to adjust the thermostat constantly. The thermostat would be turned up in the morning so the AC wouldn’t cycle during the day. In the evening, the thermostat would be turned down to make temperatures more comfortable for sleeping. All this switching around led to massive inefficiencies and inconvenience. 

With modern technology, homeowners can do the same thing to control the temperature but with much greater success. With programmable thermostats and smart thermostats, homeowners can set temperature schedules or allow the machines to learn them and cut costs. They allow homeowners much greater control over their comfort and energy bills from their smartphones without tinkering with the thermostat. 


Change the Air Filters

filter Efficiency is key to saving money on energy bills for larger appliances. While there are a few things about the efficiency of an air conditioner that is out of a homeowner’s control, there is one task that homeowners can do themselves to protect the efficiency of their AC equipment. 

Routinely changing the air filters in an AC is crucial to its efficient operation. When filters are allowed to clog, air can’t move through the system unimpeded, resulting in an AC that slowly loses efficiency leading to higher costs and less comfort. By replacing air filters at least every three months, homeowners can see energy savings whether they are heating or cooling the home. 

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