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Discover the Benefits of Hiring a Qualified HVAC Technician!

3 Reasons To Avoid DIY HVAC Repairs

These days, DIY home improvement is everywhere - homeowners have unprecedented access to a wealth of information and resources from television shows, YouTube, social media, online blogs, and ubiquitous big-name hardware stores. And as helpful as this can be for a wide variety of projects around the house, there’s one area where the DIY route should be avoided - the heating and air conditioning system.

When it comes to servicing or even installing a heater or air conditioner, many homeowners are tempted to tackle the task themselves. But HVAC systems are complex and surprisingly delicate machines, so amateur attempts to work on them often end up doing more harm than good (not to mention costing more money). So this article will discuss three reasons why hiring a qualified HVAC professional is always the best option!

Avoid Costly Errors

saveThe first reason to leave HVAC repair to the pros is that it’s usually more cost-effective than the DIY route. This may seem counterintuitive since labor costs often constitute a large percentage of any HVAC service invoice, but the hidden costs of DIY projects can pile up. For instance, HVAC maintenance and repair involve the use of numerous specialized tools that the average homeowner probably doesn’t have lying around. In some cases, the cost of acquiring these instruments can eclipse the cost of labor.

But where the costs skyrocket is when a well-meaning DIYer makes a mistake that damages the unit or undoes the work they’ve already painstakingly done. This often means shelling out for additional parts and tools, having a professional fix the mistakes, or even having to replace the unit altogether. At the end of the day, paying for a qualified technician means paying for the expertise and experience only they can bring to the table, which usually ends up being a bargain.

Get the Job Done Faster (and With Less Hassle)

timeThose certifications and years of experience don’t just help HVAC professionals avoid expensive mistakes. They also help them work faster and more efficiently than a DIYer can hope to achieve. After all, whether it’s a routine maintenance visit, a significant repair, or an installation, they’ve done it plenty of times before and know how to avoid common mistakes that could delay the service.

With all that training, in-depth knowledge, and hands-on experience, HVAC contractors can get the job done quickly. In contrast, the average homeowner will have to spend many hours of their free time researching how to perform specific tasks and then carefully performing them. Not to mention the time wasted on mistakes and fixing those mistakes.

Hiring a pro for heater or air conditioner repair is the best way to ensure that the system is back up and running again with minimal delay. And once the work is done, professionals can offer tips and solutions for avoiding future problems, maximizing energy efficiency, and properly maintaining the system.

Less Stress, More Peace of Mind

Another advantage of professional HVAC contractors that often gets overlooked is insurance and licensing. Any reputable HVAC service provider will have an insurance policy to protect homeowners (as well as the company’s technicians and proprietors) from personal liability in the event of an accident resulting in injury or property damage. If such an incident occurs during a DIY project, homeowners will likely have to pay for any damage out of their own pockets.

Licensing is a different - but no less important - form of protection. Essentially, it means that the company is legally permitted to work on HVAC systems in the state and that it complies with current codes and safety standards. But this isn’t merely an indication of quality work. Most manufacturer warranties on HVAC units require that the system only be installed and serviced by licensed service providers.

So whether it’s a heater repair, an AC installation, or just a seasonal maintenance visit, homeowners would do well to call a licensed and insured local HVAC company. It’s not just to save money and get the job done quickly but also for long-term peace of mind.

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