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Celebrating National AC Day All Month Long!

3 Tips To Ensure the AC Is Taken Care of This AC Day!

It may come as a surprise to many, but the air conditioning unit in every homeowner’s home has a special day dedicated to it. That day is July 17th and is known as National AC Day! The world would be far less modern and comfortable without the invention of the air conditioner. This one invention started an entire industry worth billions of dollars today. Not only did indoor air conditioning create comfortable atmospheres inside homes, but it helped to boost businesses as well because everyone wanted to beat the heat however possible! 

It is only right that the world appreciates this invention one day out of the year. Below are three great tips that every homeowner can do this month to show their AC unit a little extra care. 

Keep the House Clean!

filter It’s important that homeowners take care of their AC every day, but especially on July 17th. One easy and successful way to take care of the AC is to keep the house clean as much as possible. The cleaner the house, the less work the AC has to do to keep the house cool because it doesn’t have to filter out as much dust or debris from the home. 

Alongside keeping the house clean, replacing the air filter is equally as important. The air filter is what catches the things that don’t get cleaned inside the home. Anything and everything that makes it down the vents and into the cooling system runs through the air filter before heading back into the house. The air filter must always be clean and working efficiently. 

Otherwise, it can cause the system to become overworked and lead to a breakdown. If the AC is overworked for long periods of time, it could shorten its life expectancy and cost the homeowner more money than necessary. 

Reduce Unit Strain By Adjusting Temperatures 

Some homeowners might skip right over this section, but allowing the home to get a little warmer during the day is a great way to care for the AC system on the 17th and every day. 

During the week, most homeowners spend a lot of time away from their homes in the day. When they return in the evening, the sun has gone down, and it’s easier for the house to cool itself off. If homeowners don’t have pets or anyone in the home, they don’t have to worry about keeping the home cool while they are gone. Therefore, they can let the AC turn off more during the day and let the temperatures rise. 

The AC will thank them for it with a longer, more efficient life expectancy. The homeowner will likely have lower energy bill costs and fewer breakdowns, which means they pay less out of their pockets throughout the life of their AC. 

Stay On Top of Regular Maintenance 


Staying on top of regular maintenance is extremely important when it comes to air conditioning. It provides the AC unit and homeowner with a number of benefits. 

Some of these benefits include: 

  • Improved air quality
  • A long-lasting unit
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • More efficient airflow
  • Reduced bill costs
  • Increased overall comfort in the home

With benefits and money savings like these, there’s no reason not to have the AC unit regularly and professionally maintained! The AC is such an essential part of every modern home, so it’s equally important to help care for it. 

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