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3 Easy Tricks for a Cooler Home This Summer

Three Pro Tips to Help You Beat the Heat This Summer

Summertime in California can be incredibly beautiful, but it can also be unbearably hot. Staying cool usually means staying indoors and turning the AC on full blast. But of course, this can lead to some pretty hefty energy bills. Raising the temperature on the thermostat a few degrees will save money, but homeowners shouldn’t have to sacrifice their comfort. Fortunately, there are a few solutions. Keep reading to learn how to keep a home cool and lower utility costs all at once - without bending over backward.

Keep Cold Air Inside By Closing Doors


Most homeowners would be shocked to learn how much cold air they’re losing by leaving an exterior door open for a few minutes. Thanks to the laws of thermodynamics, any time a door or window is opened, the cool air inside the home will rush out to the warmer environment while warm air simultaneously rushes in. This effect is even more pronounced when the AC is running and circulating air.

It’s easy to leave a door open for a moment or two in certain circumstances - bringing things in from the car, hosting a backyard barbeque, etc. But minimizing the number of times doors stay open can go a long way in saving energy and keeping the house cool. Of course, on cool, breezy nights, homeowners can turn off their AC and open a few doors or windows to get some free air conditioning.

Install Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fans

fanAnother great way to keep cool in the summer is to make use of fans. Portable fans can be helpful but usually aren’t as effective as ceiling fans - plus, they tend to make a lot of noise. A ceiling fan set to spin counterclockwise will push air straight down and generate a pleasant breeze that fills the room. And since most fans have several settings, the breeze can be as gentle or vigorous as the homeowner desires.

Using ceiling fans can drastically reduce the need to run the air conditioner, translating to significant savings on electricity. Homeowners should always look for ceiling fans bearing the EPA and Department of Energy’s EnergyStar seal of approval, which signifies optimal energy efficiency.

Keep Up With AC Maintenance

Finally, the best way to keep the home cool and save money during the summer is to stay on top of maintenance. The air filter needs to be changed on time. But that’s just the tip of the maintenance iceberg. Without regular professional maintenance, any AC is doomed to struggle against the summer heat and ultimately fail.

Maintenance improves the unit’s performance (which can help reduce energy waste), helps prevent costly repairs, and keeps wear and tear to a minimum. Professionals will typically also inspect the system for inefficiencies like leaky ducts and recommend additional ways to improve performance. 

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