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3 Bad Heating and Cooling Habits to Break in the New Year

3 Mistakes to Avoid This Year With Heating and Cooling

If the new year offers anything, it is the chance for a fresh start. Most people start the new year with renewed enthusiasm and energy for improving their lives in a variety of ways. Often this will include focusing on habits such that bad habits are avoided, and good habits are supported. With so many things to focus on and so many opportunities for positive change, it can be helpful to make some simple intentional changes around the house to support the progress of resolutions. One great opportunity is the heating and cooling system. 

The beginning of the year is a great time to start changing some habits associated with the HVAC system. With just a few simple changes, homeowners can coast on the success of their new habits and enjoy cleaner, more comfortable air more efficiently with lower utility bills. Here are three bad habits to break for homeowners looking for positive changes in their homes. 

Forgetting About the Air Filter

filterOne of the most important habits to get into regarding the HVAC system is changing the air filter. The air filter is designed primarily to keep the ductwork and internal machinery of the AC  or heater clean but also serves a secondary function. As air blows through the air filter, dust and allergens are caught in it, making cleaner air for everyone in the home to breathe. 

Homeowners should change their air filters at least every three months for cleaner air. Keeping a clean air filter in service ensures that the air stays clean and the system runs efficiently, keeping energy bills low in the process. Failing to change air filters on time can cause problems like:

  • Respiratory issues
  • Dirty surfaces in the home
  • Numerous repairs for the HVAC system

Closing Air Vents

ventsHVAC contractors go to great lengths to install AC systems and heaters in a manner that makes them run efficiently and distribute air evenly. In nearly every situation, leaving the system to do its job is the better choice. One of the bad habits that homeowners can get into is changing air vents by closing them in the hopes of restricting airflow to one room to boost it in another. 

This causes a pressure imbalance that can put unnecessary strain on the heating and cooling system. The pressure imbalance rarely fixes the underlying problem, i.e., hot and cold spots in the home, and instead opens the system up to problems. Homeowners should aim to open the vents in the system and take the extra load off of their AC or heater this year. 

Neglecting AC and Heating Maintenance 

Along with filter changes, HVAC maintenance is the most important thing a homeowner can do to keep their heating and cooling system running correctly. Homeowners should schedule annual maintenance for both the heating and cooling systems before their seasons of increased use. 

Routine maintenance can bring benefits like:

  • Lower utility bills 
  • Fewer repair bills
  • Longer-lasting equipment
  • Cleaner air in the home
  • Improved comfort in the summer and winter

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