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When Angels Camp homeowners want a reliable and fair-priced HVAC contractor, they call on Performance Based Heating & Air.

When it comes to heating and furnace repair, you need a contractor with the experience and tools to get the job done right the first time. Performance Based Heating & Air has over twenty years in the HVAC business. Our technicians use the latest technology and the highest-rated brands to ensure you always get the best bang for your buck.

We have many case studies detailing how Trane HVAC systems, Generac generators, and Mitsubishi mini-splits helped residents just like you.

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Signs Your Furnace is Failing

Have you ever woken up to a freezing house on a winter morning and wondered if you left a window open? Well, chances are, your furnace failed, and now you’ll have to layer up your clothes while waiting a few days until a repair crew can service your system.

However, if you pay attention to your heater or furnace, you’ll pick up signs that things aren’t right, giving you time to call an HVAC contractor for repairs before the system fails. Here are a few things to watch for.

  • Age - The average furnace lasts about 15 years at the most, so if your system is past its prime, plan on replacing it before the next winter cycle rolls in.
  • Dust – If you notice an unusual amount of dust accumulating on your furnace vents, it could mean that your system can’t keep your air clean anymore.
  • Yellow Pilot Light – For homeowners with a gas furnace, check the pilot light regularly; it should burn blue. However, if it’s any other color, such as yellow, it could be a sign that carbon monoxide is leaking.
  • Lukewarm or Cold Air – If the air coming out of the vents isn’t as warm as you want despite the thermostat setting, or if you get nothing but cold air, it’s time to call a professional right away for repairs or a replacement.
  • Strange Noises – When your furnace makes grinding, popping, or squealing sounds, don’t ignore them; call a furnace contractor ASAP.
  • Skyrocketing Heating Bills – Have you noticed a dramatic increase in your heating bills? If so, it could be that your aging furnace has lost efficiency and is using more energy to do its job.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, you must call for repairs or replacement ASAP before the system completely fails.

Why You Need a Heating Tune-Up & Maintenance

You wouldn’t skip routine vehicle maintenance before winter arrives, and neither should you skip heater maintenance. The last thing you need during winter is for your system to fail and turn your home into an icebox. If you’ve ignored heater maintenance in the past, here are a few reasons to reconsider.

  • Energy Efficiency – With routine maintenance, your furnace runs as efficiently as possible, which means you save money on your energy bills.
  • Extended Lifespan – Like any machine, the more well-maintained it is, the longer it lasts. Checking and replacing worn-out parts and fixing minor issues before they develop into significant ones keep your furnace in top running order longer.
  • Improved Air Quality – If your furnace isn’t clean, the air in your home won’t be clean either. Keep your filters clean or change them when needed to trap dirt and allergens and prevent them from blowing throughout the house.
  • Save Money on Repairs – People who fail to perform regular preventative maintenance often find themselves with a failed heater during the time they need it most. When a heater gives out during winter, you’ll have a more expensive repair to deal with as most HVAC contractors are busy that time of year. Routine maintenance keeps expensive repairs at bay.

To find out how to get on a regular heating maintenance schedule, contact us today.

Why Us?

There are many things to consider when looking to hire a heating contractor; things like experience, years in business, pricing, and whether they offer financing.

At Performance Based Heating & Air, we have over twenty years in the heating and cooling business. We use the best brands to give you the most value for your money, such as Trane heating & cooling systems, Generac home generators, and Mitsubishi mini-split AC systems. We know that nobody likes surprises on their invoices, which is why we offer upfront pricing.

To find out how we can serve all of your heating needs, contact us today in Angels Camp at 209-588-7340.