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Historic House on a Slab

We receieved a call from a customer that had a home built in 1937, with multiple add ons over the years and never having any kind of central heating and air system. Furthermore the customer was concerned about permits in downtown Sonora and if we could work with their existing asbestos siding.

Problem: No central Heat and Air and no place to install one. A concern for breaking the asbestos siding and whether we could do the job without too much construction. Also we had to find a place to put the outside unit as there was no ground space available.

Solution: We installed a 19 SEER 5 zone Mitsubishi ductless mini split covering three zones downstairs and two upstairs. We hung the unit on factory brackets to provide a place for the unit outside. Pulled a permit for the job.

Historic homes are always a little more difficult to work on as we never know what we might run into. A historic home on slab adds to the complexity. This home however was a historic home on slab with about 5 remodels AND its two story with asbestos siding! But this isn’t our first rodeo.

SO we decided to hang the unit on the side of the home to give us the space needed for outside condenser. We placed indoor units in a manner that would allow us to run the refrigerant lines up into the attic and back down the other side of the building. Drain lines where easy as we took them straight to the ground.

This home really only has two rooms that are used but we installed the 5 zone for future potential use and resale value. The customers where very happy with the way the job turned out and so where we. County passed inspection.

We registered the customers 12 year warranty with Mitsubishi.

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