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Cabin in Twain Harte

This home is located in Twain Harte, California and had an existing heat source but no solution for cooling. The couple living in the home had just retired and wanted to enjoy their home more now that they would both be in the home for longer periods of time during the day.

Problem: No cooling source, and no place to run ductwork. The customer also wanted to have a more contemporary look to the wall mounted units.

Solution: We installed two designer series wall mounts in the home. A larger one for the living space and a smaller one for the bedroom.

This home had the challenge of getting the living room units refrigerant lines to the back side of the home as there was only a crawl space through part of downstairs and a finished second bedroom. So we had to run the refrigerant lines horizontal in the front of the home, wrap around back side of the gutter and come down the wall to allow the drain to have fall. From there we went horizontal again until we found the crawl space and had the ability to dive under the house.

On the back side of the home we came down next to the window and dove under the deck.

Electrical came from the back side of the breaker panel and right into crawl space. We then added a disconnect and flexible whip to the unit.

We set the unit on a styrofoam sound dampering pad.

We added refrigerant charge, registered their 12-year parts and compressor warranty with Mitsubishi and these customer are set to go enjoying the benefits of a nice quiet air conditioning system on those very hot days. As well as heat when next winter comes…

Groveland, CA

We got a call for a two-story house on a slab that a customer just bought and wanted a new system put in. They had an existing heat pump that was about 25 years old and attached to ductwork. There were large chases throughout the bottom floor and the closet was being used for the furnace.

Problem: Homeowner wanted the ability to control each room individually and was looking for a way to increase space in the home. They also wanted something that was very efficient and had WiFi.

Solution: We installed a 19 SEER, 6 zone, 4 ton Mitsubishi ductless mini split with branch boxes and WiFi

This home gave us a real challenge in trying to make the outside track look nice as we didn’t have a crawl space to hide refrigerant lines like many homes. SO we went up into the attic with each refrigerant line and just brought drain lines down to the ground. The best practice with drain lines is to use gravity but there is an option to use a pump, however pumps are expensive and are a potential weak speak in the system due to failure. We always try to design our systems without pumps.

This house also had an octagon type living room up and down stairs that had no attic space.

We placed the unit on the back side of the house and ran the branch boxes in the attic. Electrical to branch boxes and indoor units is supplied from the outdoor unit so all we had to do was get electrical to a disconnect at the outdoor unit.

This house was also under remodeling but the customer wanted to be able to work in a conditioned environment so we agreed to come in early and advised them to just paint walls where we would need to hang our wall units.

This house took us four days to complete but turned out very nice as our installers paid very close attention to details and uniformity.
We also removed their existing system which freed up a closet and now they are going to go back in and removed the chases that cramp the bottom floor.

Now they can complete their remodel and forever home in comfort….

Cabin in Arnold, California

We received a call from a customer that had a cabin in the Arnold California area. We do a lot of home in the Arnold area and know how bad these cabin style homes can be in the summertime.

Problem: Customer has a loft that is unbearable in the summertime and they rent the home out for weekends and holidays so they needed zone control in the bedrooms.

Solution: We installed a 19 SEER 3 zone Mitsubishi ductless mini split

This home had a source of heat and just wanted the ability to cool the home in the summer. Many cabin style homes we can put one large head unit in the upstairs to cover the entire area but in this case they had two small bedrooms as well.

So the system was designed with one big 2-ton head unit that would take the brunt of the cooling load and would keep the living room and kitchen area cool and the customer wanted it below her mirrors so we squeezed it in between the bathroom and bedroom while running the refrigerant lines through the closet and outside.

Then for the bedrooms, we put individual room wall mounts so tenant’s have zone control when the doors are shut.

We also added WiFi control of all the head units via the Kumo app so the customer could control the room temps and set max and minimum temps that couldn’t be overridden by tenants renting the place.

We hung the unit on the side of the cabin to keep it out of the snow level so there is still the ability to heat the rooms individually in the winter time…

Multi-Zone Cabin in Arnold, California

We got a call for a home in Arnold, California that had 3 levels, elevation 4000ft. But our area has been experiencing rather hotter than normal summers and the customer was ready to be more comfortable in the summer.

Problem: Loft area of cabin gets to hot in summer but the customer also wanted some additional heating during the winter.

Solution: We installed a 3 ½ ton, 19 SEER, 5 zone, Mitsubishi Ductless mini split covering 3 levels and painted the track to help it blend in with the home.

The unit we were able to hide under the deck in an area we could still service if it ever needed to be repaired while hanging it on brackets to keep it out of the snow level.

The first-floor bedroom got a 1-ton unit for primarily heating in the winter. it can cool however there is very little load on the first floor of tri-level home so the size of this wall mount reflects the need for heat.

The main floor we installed a wall mount in the bedroom for individual control.

Then on the top floor we added one large unit and two small units for each bedroom. We also added WiFi to the top floor large wall mount so they could remove the majority of the heat in the home prior to making the trip up to their cabin.

We dropped off the track a few days early so the customer could paint it and have it ready when we started the job. It made a huge difference in how the home looked at the finish of the job.

Now they will be able to maintain the same temps throughout the home using the least amount of electricity as possible.

Historic House on a Slab

We receieved a call from a customer that had a home built in 1937, with multiple add ons over the years and never having any kind of central heating and air system. Furthermore the customer was concerned about permits in downtown Sonora and if we could work with their existing asbestos siding.

Problem: No central Heat and Air and no place to install one. A concern for breaking the asbestos siding and whether we could do the job without too much construction. Also we had to find a place to put the outside unit as there was no ground space available.

Solution: We installed a 19 SEER 5 zone Mitsubishi ductless mini split covering three zones downstairs and two upstairs. We hung the unit on factory brackets to provide a place for the unit outside. Pulled a permit for the job.

Historic homes are always a little more difficult to work on as we never know what we might run into. A historic home on slab adds to the complexity. This home however was a historic home on slab with about 5 remodels AND its two story with asbestos siding! But this isn’t our first rodeo.

SO we decided to hang the unit on the side of the home to give us the space needed for outside condenser. We placed indoor units in a manner that would allow us to run the refrigerant lines up into the attic and back down the other side of the building. Drain lines where easy as we took them straight to the ground.

This home really only has two rooms that are used but we installed the 5 zone for future potential use and resale value. The customers where very happy with the way the job turned out and so where we. County passed inspection.

We registered the customers 12 year warranty with Mitsubishi.

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