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Cabin in Arnold, California

We received a call from a customer that had a cabin in the Arnold California area. We do a lot of home in the Arnold area and know how bad these cabin style homes can be in the summertime.

Problem: Customer has a loft that is unbearable in the summertime and they rent the home out for weekends and holidays so they needed zone control in the bedrooms.

Solution: We installed a 19 SEER 3 zone Mitsubishi ductless mini split

This home had a source of heat and just wanted the ability to cool the home in the summer. Many cabin style homes we can put one large head unit in the upstairs to cover the entire area but in this case they had two small bedrooms as well.

So the system was designed with one big 2-ton head unit that would take the brunt of the cooling load and would keep the living room and kitchen area cool and the customer wanted it below her mirrors so we squeezed it in between the bathroom and bedroom while running the refrigerant lines through the closet and outside.

Then for the bedrooms, we put individual room wall mounts so tenant’s have zone control when the doors are shut.

We also added WiFi control of all the head units via the Kumo app so the customer could control the room temps and set max and minimum temps that couldn’t be overridden by tenants renting the place.

We hung the unit on the side of the cabin to keep it out of the snow level so there is still the ability to heat the rooms individually in the winter time…

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