The 3 Kinds Of Contractors

There really is 3 kinds of Contractors to choose from:

1st, we have the Contractor that low balls every bid and cuts corners to make a little money on that bid, he thinks hes is doing the customer a favor and often times is happy to offer such low bids. Quality of work is poor on every level, products used are the cheapest available, and he is usually nowhere to be found when problems occur.

2nd, we have a very large group of contractors that have integrity, are honest, make things look pretty, and they offer awesome customer support. There is lots of Contractors in this category, they mean well and its obvious, and they generally have a large customer base. BUT this doesn’t mean they know what they are doing in the trade, sure they can make it work but how well does that system work? They never test to find out.

3rd, This group is very small, there is a lot of them but they are badly outnumbered by all the other contractors. This group of Contractors offers all the morals of the 2nd contractors and a little more, they stay abreast industry standards and changes. They are members of the groups that write and advise our industry such as NCI and ACCA. They go to all the classes they can to learn the highest levels of the industry, and they prove their knowledge by passing tests and certifications. This group focuses on the design and install to ensure the customer gets the very best work, quality control is done by testing what they do. Numbers don’t lie

So I guess the real question is, are you OK with someone guessing on your HVAC work? Are you OK if it doesn’t last as long as it should? Are you OK with higher than you should have energy bills? if those things don’t bother you then contractors 1 and 2 would be a great choice. But if you do care about those things then look for Contractor number 3!