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Everyone knows that it is necessary for your business to have an online presence. Effective search engine optimization, including on-page and off-page, is crucial to make your website attractive to Google as well as your consumers. Doing it right will help rank your website in those top three spots of Google. There are currently over 200 different factors that affect how websites are ranked by search engines and SEO is a field that keeps changing as search engines find new ways to determine which sites should rank high or low in search results.

If you want to be successful, you need an expert like Tom Johnston to help you obtain the results you have been looking for. Since he has been in the industry for more than seven years, he has witnessed a number of Google updates, including Caffeine, Panda, Penguin, Mobile-geddon and Hummingbird. Tom has a good knowledge of what worked in the past and what works now. He is aware of the latest trends in Google and other search engines which will help get you the desired results as well as avoid potential pitfalls in the future.

Just building a ton of backlinks and creating low-quality content don’t work for SEO anymore. Your website needs trust, attention, and authority to rank higher in the search results page. While many SEO professionals understand the basics of making a website appealing to search engines, if social and digital marketing are not part of their plan, you will never earn enough trust to make it to the top of the results.
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Take A Whole Picture Approach

If you want to make it in modern SEO, you need to take a whole picture approach. Tom Johnston SEO is aware how to build authority, attention, and trust to get your website to rise to those top spots of Google and attract the lion’s share of profits in the long run.

The right type of quality backlinks, blog attention, and social media attention will help your website climb through the rankings. It will help reward your online marketing efforts like you never thought before.

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