Energy Star

thTruth is anybody can buy Energy Star equipment, but there is so much more that goes into making that equipment run as an Energy Star product. To be honest, there are many Contractors out there that can engineer a system to work as designed by the manufacturer, but we are badly outnumbered by all the companies that don’t know how, or just don’t care.

There has been many tests done throughout the United States and here in California, and we have done our own testing here in the motherlode, very few homes pass proper sizing of equipment, proper airflow for equipment, proper air distribution design. And most homes fail at everything! And we not talking only about installs that were put in decades ago, we are talking about the stuff that is being installed today.

Energy Star only happens when a certain set of conditions are available! So many times customers say to us that after changing out their equipment the bills are still the same. And of course they are, the company that changed out the system put the same size back in there with the same ductwork and that high SEER equipment is working under the same set of conditions as the old one! The equipment is only as good as the install!