Don’t Wait ‘Till It’s Broke

Waiting until it’s broke is the absolute worst thing you can do, it always happens once the weather changes and now you’re uncomfortable and willing to take anybody that can get to you in a timely fashion, or sit and be miserable until someone of your choosing can make it.

Many people are ill, old, young, have indoor animals, and become desperate. And that is the worst time to buy!

Not only that but everybody is in a rush, the HVAC guys don’t want to be in a 140* attic, they got another job to do the next day, and you just want it done.

And we don’t blame you for wanting it done, but it takes time to do it right. If you have been thinking it’s time to change out your equipment, if your equipment is more than 15-20 years old (depending on usage and maintenance), then plan ahead and have the equipment changed out in the off season so the proper corrections can be made and you get an install that is not rushed. And most importantly you get an install from the contractor of your choosing.