Combustion Analysis

Combustion Analysis is very important because it allows us to see how well a Gas fired furnace is operating. combustanal1We find units that are operating at deadly levels of Carbon Monoxide, cracked Heat Exchangers, and badly firing units. Also we can tell if the right size orifices were installed and the gas valve converted to Liquid Propane. combustanal2Whether the unit is getting enough oxygen, enough air is passing over the Heat Exchanger, the exhaust is big enough and has no obstructions, the gas pressure needs to be adjusted, the secondary heat Exchanger is damaged.combustanal3

Combustion Analysis also allows us to to dial in your equipment so that its getting its highest efficiency. Equipment may say that its a certain percentage, such as 95%, but that 95% only happens when the equipment has been set with a combustion analyzer and a trained technician.

We are NCI certified in Combustion Analysis.