Carbon Monoxide

We wear personal Carbon Monoxide alarms that alert at 15ppm, this is for yours and our safety

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly colorless, tasteless, odorless gas that is produced from incomplete combustion in a closed space from lack of oxygen. carbonminox1All propane gas fired furnaces produce Carbon Monoxide. Most in small amounts, that is exhausted outside of the home. However, some units we find produce very high levels, and this could be potentially dangerous. While unlikely, there is always a chance that this gas could enter the home, and this is why we have Carbon Monoxide alarms. Many cities in California now are required by law to have one in their home.

While it is great that the code is now being implemented there is still some loopholes to the alarms themselves. All the alarms bought at any hardware store don’t alert until 70ppm, which is the legal definition for poisoned. Those in the industry that understand Carbon Monoxide call them death alarms.

Much smaller amounts of Carbon Monoxide can affect and be fatal to small children and elderly, because it is cumulative in the body.

We are NCI certified in Carbon Monoxide and have limited access to low level alarms that alert at 15ppm, the same sensor that is in our personal alarms.